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Moving Services for Offices, Hotels, and Retail Locations

Office moves are challenging—there’s nothing simple about relocating entire employee teams with computers, electronics and cubicles when needed. Retail and hotel moves are particularly time critical to avoid customer inconvenience and revenue impact. RARE’s broad range of moving services help businesses, retailers and hotels execute office moves, business relocations, and floor plan reconfigurations with minimal disruption to your business routine. Most importantly, we are expert at planning, organizing and managing every aspect of your move letting you focus on your business. RARE helps you comply with changing workplace safety standards. Our COVID-19 Ready program uses the strictest protocols to ensure the safety of your employees and customers

Moving Services for Offices

Our specialty moving services for business offices are extremely flexible and customizable. We understand the ins and outs of moving office equipment, and that time is always of the essence when it comes to relocating your business. Whether you are relocating to a more central location, moving to a larger space to accommodate new employees, or downsizing to a more affordable location, we can help you through it all and make your business as easy as possible. 

Moving Services for Hotels

Our team at RARE Moving & Storage provides exceptional relocation and commercial hotel moving services all over Boston Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. From logistics, to packing, shipping, storing and more- we can ensure that your hotel move goes seamlessly. As a top hotel moving company, we know what it takes to relocate and all of the logistics behind the operation. Not only will we help you plan the move from start to finish, but our team will prioritize the efficiency and quickness of your move without cutting corners in quality. 

Moving Services for Retail

Like any other business, moving a retail store can be challenging without the right team behind you. Between taking care of your inventory, your equipment, storage or lighting fixtures and any computers or payment systems you might be using, there’s a lot to keep track of. We help businesses all over Boston and the surrounding area relocate their brick and mortar retail locations all the time. We know the ins and outs of the city, and we can make sure the move happens quickly and easily. Commercial moves of all kinds are our specialty.

Your RARE Experience offers:

  • Relocations and reconfigurations of office and retail
  • Packing, unpacking & reassembly of furniture, cubicles, electronics and sensitive equipment
  • Short and long-term climate-controlled storage
  • Furniture, computer and electronic recycling and junk removal
  • Facility cleaning services

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Daniela Corte, a high-end clothing boutique located on Boston’s busy Newbury Street, needed to relocate to a new location.  RARE was called upon to pack and move everything in the store – clothing, fabrics, store fixtures and sewing machines – allowing the store to move with no impact to their customers.

“My experience with RARE Moving & Storage and Kamaul was fantastic. I was moving my fashion studio on Newbury Street after 10 years of being in the location.  There was a pandemic raging. I had spent the previous two months trying in vain to negotiate with the landlords to stay while the world was locked down. 

The store was packed from floor to ceiling with product and fabric and marketing/display materials and industrial sewing equipment.  Half was going to a new production location and the other half to a new store location. The perfect storm for movers.  But even with all that, everything went flawlessly.  Nothing broken.  Nothing damaged.  Everything handled as if it were a newborn baby. I cannot recommend them more highly.”

Daniela Corter, Owner

Recognized as Boston Magazine’s 2017 Best of Boston Mover, RARE delivers on the most challenging moves and schedule requirements helping companies comply with evolving workplace safety standards. RARE’s local and interstate moving services include professional packing and climate-controlled storage to address short or long-term storage needs.

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