Manufacturing & Industrial

RARE Moving & Storage is experienced in helping manufacturers and industrial firms execute office and warehouse moves, business relocations, and floor plan reconfigurations.  We also declutter and store warehouse contents to help facilitate industrial property sales.  RARE is expert at helping you comply with changing workplace safety standards. Our complete local and interstate commercial moving services can take care of all your needs. RARE manages every aspect so you can focus on your business objectives.

RARE’s comprehensive COVID-19 Ready program protects your tenants and employees with rigorous protocols that include strict social distancing guidelines, PPE and continuous truck sanitizing.

Office Moves

RARE Moving & Storage handles local office moves in any volume–from small courier companies to large corporations. Our team is experienced in helping your company meet changing technology demands by auditing current floor plans and recommending new layout designs that can accommodate upcoming IT projects at little or no cost. RARE also helps create optimal flow in the workplace by suggesting relocation logistics for offices, conference rooms, reception areas, workstations and desks, cubicles, filing cabinets and equipment. This ensures a seamless transition of employees from one location to another so your business can continue uninterrupted during the move process.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is an important part of our commercial moving services, especially for warehouses and commercial sites. We keep track of all the information regarding your inventory, in order to efficiently and safely move each of your items in an organized fashion.

Industrial Relocation Services

For companies with multiple locations, RARE provides a comprehensive relocation package that includes a multi-disciplinary team approach to ensure seamless transitions from one facility to another.  We coordinate all phases of the move: design studies, material handling and more. Our flexible philosophy enables us to accommodate any scale or scope of industrial relocation projects–from warehouse consolidations to corporate relocations.

Floor Plan Changes & Capacity Enhancements

Whether your company is looking to expand capacity or just change the floor plan configuration to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, RARE has the experience to help find solutions that work for you. We can optimize your existing space so youWhether can achieve maximum utilization of every square foot. RARE provides a cost-effective, practical and reliable alternative to buying new property.

Your RARE Experience offers:

  • Manufacturing and industrial relocations and reconfigurations
  • Furniture, electronics and sensitive equipment packing, unpacking & reassembly
  • Short and long-term climate-controlled storage
  • Furniture, computer and electronic recycling
Recognized as Boston Magazine’s 2017 Best of Boston Mover, RARE delivers on the most challenging moves and schedule requirements helping companies comply with evolving workplace safety standards. RARE’s local and interstate moving services include professional packing and climate-controlled storage to address short or long-term storage needs.

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