If you need a place to store your belongings temporarily or long-term? Then, it is essential to choose an appropriate storage unit and know how to organize it. To efficiently utilize a storage unit for temporary or long-term use, it needs to be properly cleaned and well organized. What’s the use of a storage unit if you can’t quickly locate your belongings? Here are four storage unit organization ideas and tips for you to follow to make good use of your space.

1. Create an Inventory

It’s common sense that when placing several items in a place, you create an inventory to remember the items that you placed there. This is especially true when storing small items like electronics, artwork, pictures, clothing, etc in storage. To remember these items, an inventory list should be created using paper or electronic means such as a spreadsheet. This list must be maintained, and the number of items must be closely monitored. It also helps to take photos of each item before packing, assign a name to them, and take a picture of the storage unit after packing. If you are dealing with a large storage unit, it also helps to create a simple map showing where particular parts of the inventory are kept.

2. Disassemble Furniture

This might seem like extra work, but it is a smart idea. This practice maximizes space and allows you to move things like furniture and other accessories through routes that would prove difficult. Items requiring disassembly include bed frames, mattresses, furniture such as chairs and tables, ceiling fans, and standing fans. By assembling, you can open up more space that will allow you to put extra items and reduce the cost of buying an extra unit.

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3. Use Vertical Storage Techniques and Store Large Heavy Items on The Bottom Or Back

Vertical storage techniques entail the use of shelving and upright placement of items. Storing items vertically frees up more space and allows the space to be easily navigable. Boxes should be stacked high, and furniture should be stored upright. Large and heavy items should be placed at the bottom or back as this reduces hazards in the storage unit. Large and heavy items, if kept at high places, can deform objects under them and fall. This can not only damage the item itself, but it also poses significant risks to whoever is in the storage unit.

4. Label Everything

This is one of the most important tips. It simply cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to label your items in the storage unit. Every box, bin, and shelf should be tagged with legible labels so as not to confuse you. This act will help you remember where you kept important items without wasting time by going through every box.

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