As a Boston resident, you may be familiar with the routine of taking your garbage out and placing it on the curb for pickup. However, not everything you want to dispose of can be left on the curb for regular trash pickup. You may need to call a professional junk removal service for larger items or certain types of waste instead. In this blog, we will go over which items you can throw away in bags on the curb and which items require you to schedule junk removal services.

Boston Provides Curb-Side Trash & Recycling Collection for Small Items

Boston residents are lucky to have access to free curb-side trash collection, which the City of Boston provides. Every week, you can leave up to 40 pounds of bags or containers of waste on the curb for pickup. This includes regular household waste such as food scraps, paper products, and other general trash. Whether you live in a single-family home or an apartment building, you can take advantage of this service.

Trash collection days in Boston vary based on your neighborhood. Generally, trash is collected either once or twice per week. You can find your specific collection day using the City of Boston’s online schedule tool or by contacting their 311 service.

What Items Can Be Left on the Curb for Garbage Pickup in Boston?

As mentioned earlier, you can leave up to 40 pounds of household trash on the curb for pickup each week. Everyday garbage, such as food leftovers, used paper products, and other general waste, can all be disposed of in this manner. Other items that can be put out for regular trash collection include small furniture, plastic toys, glassware, broken-down cardboard, and other household items.

What Items Require Junk Removal Services in Boston?

On the other hand, certain items cannot be thrown away on the curb or require special handling. Large pieces of furniture, such as mattresses, couches, bed frames, and dressers, must be scheduled to be picked up by a professional junk removal service. This also goes for appliances that are too large to fit in bags, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers. These cannot be placed on the curb due to safety hazards and must be disposed of properly by a junk removal company.

If you place large items on the curb for regular trash pickup, they will not be collected by the City of Boston’s waste management team. If a large item is left on the curb, you may receive a fine or citation from the city.

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How to Throw Away Televisions & Large Electronics in Boston

In Boston, televisions and large electronics are not allowed to be disposed of on the curb. This is because these items can contain hazardous materials that cannot be safely collected by regular trash pickup. Instead, you must schedule a pick-up with a professional junk removal service that can easily and safely dispose of these items for you.

Textiles & Clothes Disposal in Boston, MA

Single-Family Homes

Although many residents are quick to throw away ripped or stained clothes, there are more sustainable ways to dispose of unwanted textiles. The City of Boston offers a program for recycling clothing and other textiles that can no longer be used or donated. By scheduling a pick-up online, you can have your unwanted textiles collected and repurposed instead of sending them to a landfill.

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