Moving Day Cleanup: What to Do With Your Empty Cardboard Boxes

Moving Just Got Easier: What to Do With Cardboard Boxes After You Move Into Your New Home

As a new homeowner, moving day can be as exciting as it is stressful. From packing up all of your possessions to transporting them to your new home, this can be a difficult process. Once your home is set up and ready for your new chapter, the last thing on your mind is what to do with all the cardboard and debris left behind. It is important to consider an environment-friendly and cost-effective method when looking for solutions to this problem. In this blog, we will provide you with a few great ideas on what to do with all the cardboard boxes after you move into your new home.

Post-Moving Procedures Can Be as Important as Pre-Moving Procedures

When preparing to move into a new home, many steps must be taken to ensure that your possessions make it safely to their destination. By gathering packing supplies, taking the time to secure your items, and hiring a top-rated moving company to transport them, you have already taken the right steps. Now that your home is moved in, post-moving procedures can be just as important. Unpacking your items, organizing your home, and deciding what to do with all of the boxes can seem years away when preparing for a move, but it is very important to consider how to follow through with these steps to ensure a smooth transition.

Importance of Proper Cardboard Box Breakdown & Removal

When you are unpacking, it is important to break down your cardboard boxes and recycle them properly. Bulky pieces of cardboard can take up a lot of space in your new home and can be a challenge to properly discard. However, it is important to properly recycle them to minimize waste and help the environment. A build-up of cardboard can lead to a health hazard and rodent issues if not properly disposed of. By breaking down your cardboard boxes into smaller, more manageable pieces, you can make the recycling process much easier. Smaller pieces of cardboard also take up less space in the trash, so you’ll have more room for other post-move debris.

How to Break Down a Cardboard Box for Recycling

Step One: Flatten Box

Flatten your cardboard box by folding in the sides or cutting. On most boxes, you should be able to locate a score line that you can fold along. This will make it easier to flatten and break down the box.

Step Two: Use a Box-Cutter or Scissors to Make Box Smaller

Cut along the score lines of your box to break it down into smaller pieces. Each piece should be no larger than two feet by two feet. If you notice that when you fold the box, it is already in small enough pieces, you can skip this step.

Step Three: Throw Out Boxes & Ensure Their Size is Correct

Place the flattened boxes into a recycling bin. It is important to remember not to put the boxes into your regular trash, as cardboard is not biodegradable. When placing the cardboard into the recycling bin, make sure that your pieces are small enough and that they do not contain anything else, like bubble wrap or plastic.

Where to Recycle or Throw Away Cardboard After Moving

Once you have broken down your cardboard boxes, you’ll need to find a place to recycle them. Many cities have public recycling centers where you can drop off cardboard and other recyclable materials. You can also look into a private recycling facility, or find out if your city offers curbside cardboard recycling. To locate the closest facility to you, and to find out your city’s recycling policy, visit this website. If the cardboard is too large or is not recyclable, you can contact a junk removal service to take it away for you.

Repurposing Cardboard Boxes After Moving Into New Home

If you don’t want to recycle your cardboard boxes, there are other ways to repurpose them after you move. Cardboard is recyclable but can also be reused. There are many creative ways to reuse your cardboard boxes, such as creating furniture, craft projects, or shelves. You can also use them to store items or donate them to a local animal shelter as bedding for animals.

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