How to Obtain a Boston Moving Truck Permit

Boston Movers Require Permits for Truck Street Parking

Are you moving to the city of Boston? If so, you will want to be aware of the street parking regulations which require a permit for any moving trucks that need to park on the street. This is due to many residential roads and two-hour parking restrictions. To avoid fees or tickets, you must obtain a permit for your moving truck in advance. In this blog, we will go over how to obtain a moving truck permit, where to get it, and the regulations that come along with it.

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What is a Boston Moving Truck Permit?

Narrow streets and cobblestones define the city of Boston and parking is often limited. To allow moving truck access to the city, Boston requires a special permit for trucks that are longer than 22 feet or wider than 8 feet. With this permit, you will be allowed two spots on street parking as close to your new home as possible. This makes it easier and more efficient for your move.

How to Obtain a Moving Truck Permit

The process of obtaining a moving truck permit is simple and straightforward.

Step 1: Visit the Boston Transportation Department Website for an Application

First, you need to visit the Boston Transportation Department website. Here you can find the application to obtain your moving truck permit. You will need some basic information including your contact information, details about the vehicle, and what dates and times you want to park on the street.

Step 2: Submit Your Application

Once you have completed all of the necessary information on the form, submit it through their website or by mail. Fees vary based on the size of your vehicle and how long you need to park on the street.

Step 3: Receive Your Permit

Once your permit is processed, you will be sent a confirmation email or letter with all of the necessary details about your moving truck permit. Since your permit will be mailed directly to your residence, keep an eye out over the next 2 weeks for it to be in your mailbox.

Step 4: Attach Your Permit Signs

When you receive your moving truck permit from the city of Boston, you will also receive several flyers and signs that should be placed on your parking spot and the cars that currently occupy the space. These signs will alert everyone that the space is reserved for your moving truck.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Move!

With your permit in hand, you can now move into your new home without worry of parking tickets or fines. Just make sure to remove all signage after you have finished your move as it may lead to a ticket if left on the street.

What to Do the Day of Your Move with Your Moving Truck Permit

Moving day has officially arrived! Now that you are finally ready to move all of your belongings, there are two important steps you must take in order for your permit to be valid. First, make sure your moving truck is parked in the area specified on your permit. This will ensure that you are not in violation of any parking regulations. Second, make sure to display the appropriate signage for your permit. This will let everyone in the area know that you are allowed to park there. Once you are finished emptying the moving truck, be sure to remove all of the signage as they are only valid while you are loading and unloading your items.

What to Do if Your Moving Truck Permit Parking Spot is Occupied

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for parking spots to be occupied despite having a permit. If you arrive at your parking spot and find it has been taken, the city of Boston has a few rules in place to help you out.

  • Call 311 or the non-emergency police line.
  • Provide your permit number and the location you are moving to.
  • The police will respond to the scene and inform the driver that their car needs to be moved.
  • Once the car is moved, you will be able to park in the spot indicated on your permit.

Let RARE Moving & Storage Help Make Your Boston Move Stress-Free

At RARE Moving & Storage our mission is to make your move into the city of Boston a stress-free process. In addition to helping with your packing and unpacking needs, we can also assist you with obtaining any moving truck permits needed to make your move a smooth process. Our moving experts are well-experienced with Boston streets  so no matter the situation, we have you covered. To learn more about our services, visit us online, or give us a call today at 617-825-7273.

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