Top Packing Tips for Moving Clothes into Your New Home

If you’re packing clothes for a move, you’re in for a bit of a challenge. Clothes are bulky and often take up a lot of space, making packing them efficiently crucial. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how to pack your clothes so that they don’t get wrinkled or damaged in transit. We’ll also provide some advice on what to do with any clothes that you don’t want to move with you.

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Organize Clothes into Keep, Sell, & Donate Piles Before Packing

The first step in packing clothes is to go through your entire wardrobe and decide what you want to keep, sell, or donate. This will make packing much easier because you’ll only have to deal with the clothes that you want to take with you. Once you’ve sorted your clothes, it’s time to start packing them!

Use the Right Materials When Packing Clothes

When packing clothes, it’s important to use the right packing materials. Clothing is susceptible to wrinkles, so you’ll want to use packing materials that will protect them. Packing paper, packing blankets, and bubble wrap are all great options for packing clothes. Many stores and moving companies sell packing kits that include all of the materials you’ll need to pack your clothes.

Suitcases & Trunks Are Great for Packing Clothes

Suitcases and trunks are great for packing clothes because they’re big and spacious. If you have a lot of clothes, you may want to consider packing them into suitcases or trunks. This will make packing and moving them much easier. Additionally, it can help to prevent wrinkles because you can pack each item of clothing separately.

Vacuum Sealed Bags Can Help Prevent Wrinkles

If you’re worried about clothes getting wrinkled in transit, you may want to consider packing them into vacuum sealed bags. By enclosing your shirts, pants, and dresses in a vacuum tight seal, these bags are ideal for transporting clothes during your move. To find vacuum sealed bags, you can check your local hardware store or search online.

Place Seasonal & Out-of-Season Clothes in Storage

If you have clothes that you won’t need right away, consider placing them into storage. This can free up space in your home and make packing and moving easier. Many storage facilities offer climate-controlled units, which are ideal for storing clothes.

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Consider Donating Clothes You No Longer Want or Need

If you have clothes that you don’t want or need, consider donating them to a local charity. This is a great way to declutter your home and help those in need. There are many charities that accept clothes donations, so you’re sure to find one that’s a good fit for you. Currently, there is a high demand for winter clothing, so donating your winter clothes is a great way to help those in need.

Optimize Your Packing Space By Rolling Clothes

One of the best ways to save space when packing clothes is to roll them instead of folding them. This will help you fit more clothes into your packing boxes and make packing easier. To roll clothes, simply lay them flat on a surface and tightly roll them up. You can then place them into packing boxes or bags.

Use Packing Peanuts or Crumpled Paper to Fill Gaps When Packing Clothes

Once you’ve packed your clothes into boxes or bags, you’ll want to fill any empty space with packing peanuts or crumpled paper. This will help keep your clothes from moving around during the move and prevent them from getting wrinkled.

Save Packing Clothes for the End of Your Moving Process

Packing clothes is one of the last things you should do when moving. This is because you’ll need to wear clothes during the packing and moving process. By packing your clothes last, you’ll have easy access to them and can avoid having to unpack them immediately after the move.

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Packing clothes for a move can be stressful, but by following these packing tips, you can make the process much easier. By using the right packing materials and packing your clothes properly, you can prevent them from getting wrinkled or damaged during the move. Additionally, by storing seasonal clothes or donating clothes you no longer want, you can declutter your home and make packing easier. If you are looking for a packing and moving company for your next move in Boston, MA, contact RARE Moving & Storage today! We offer a variety of local and long-distance moving services. To learn more, visit our website or give us a call at 617-825-7273.

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