10 Tips for Carrying Heavy Objects Upstairs When Moving

If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t enjoy moving furniture. It’s tough, it’s tiring, and it’s often very frustrating. But one of the worst things about moving is having to carry heavy objects up a flight of stairs. This can be especially difficult if you don’t have any help or if the object is too large to fit through the door. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 ways that you can safely carry heavy objects upstairs when moving.

1. Always Have Another Person to Help

This is probably the most important tip on this list. Whenever you are moving furniture, it is always best to have another person around to help you. They can spot you if you start to lose your balance and they can help take some of the weight off of your arms and hands. If possible, try to find someone who is strong and can help you move the piece of furniture without too much difficulty.

2. Use a Hand Truck for Moving Heavy Objects & Furniture Upstairs

If you have a hand truck, then use it! Hand trucks are designed for moving heavy objects and they will make your life a lot easier. Just be careful when going up and down stairs as the hand truck can tip over if it’s not used properly.

3. Use Bumper Pads to Avoid Damaging the Wall

Bumper pads are thin, padded sheets that you can put on the corners of furniture to help protect it from scratches and dents. They are also great for protecting your walls from getting scuffed up by heavy furniture. You can find bumper pads at most hardware stores or online.

4. Move During the Daytime

Whenever possible, try to move during the daytime. This is because it’s easier to see what you’re doing and there is less of a chance that you will trip and fall. If you have to move at night, be sure to turn on all the lights so that you can see where you’re going.

5. Take Your Time When Moving Upstairs

Moving furniture is not a race. Take your time and be careful. If you rush, you are more likely to make a mistake and drop the furniture or hurt yourself.

6. Utilize Ropes & Carrying Straps

If you have ropes or carrying straps, use them! This will help to distribute the weight of the furniture more evenly and it will make it easier for you to carry.

7. Dollies Can Be Used for Bringing Heavy Items Upstairs

Dollies are great for moving heavy objects, but they can also be used for bringing items upstairs. Just be sure to secure the item onto the dolly so that it doesn’t fall off and hurt someone.

8. Be Careful of Slippery Surfaces

Stairs can be slippery, so be careful when carrying heavy furniture up or down them. If possible, try to wear shoes with good traction to avoid slipping.

9. Take Apart Large Pieces of Furniture Before Moving Them

If you have a large piece of furniture that won’t fit through the door, try taking it apart. This will make it much easier to move and it will also reduce the risk of damaging the furniture.

Be sure to put all the screws and bolts in a bag so that you don’t lose them!

10. Hire a Professional Mover

Professionals always have the best tips and tricks for moving heavy furniture. If you’re really struggling, consider hiring a professional mover to help you. They will be able to provide extra sets of hands, as well as moving materials and equipment.

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