A Guide to Different Types of Moving Insurance

Whether you’re moving yourself, your family, or your business, it’s an exciting process that signals the beginning of a new chapter. To make sure all of your belongings arrive safely, it is important to hire a reliable and experienced professional moving company. The most reputable of movers will offer moving insurance with their services. Depending on the size and distance of your move, there are several options that can best fit your needs. Read on to learn more about each type of moving insurance and how to choose between them.

What is Moving Insurance?

Oftentimes, even with the most reliable moving companies, accidents happen during the process and items can become damaged or lost. To protect the value of your items, it is recommended to look into purchasing moving insurance. Most professional movers offer insurance within different price points to accommodate for the level of protection you are looking for. Basic Carrier Insurance, Declared Values Protection, and Full Replacement Liability. Through a varying cost in coverage rate, each level of protection provides either minimal, full, or a depreciated reimbursement for any broken or lost items.

When Would I Need to Look Into Getting Moving Insurance?

Regardless of the size and distance of your next move, purchasing moving insurance is always a good idea when hiring a professional service. Fragile items and electronics are at a heightened risk to break in the process of packing or moving, but by purchasing insurance, you can guarantee to be reimbursed and able to buy replacements. If the company you are considering hiring does not offer insurance, it might be in your better interest to find one who does. Without the additional reassurance, you will be fully liable for any broken or lost items.

Basic Carrier Insurance

Most moving companies will offer a basic level of moving insurance at no cost to you, required by law. Due to being no cost to the customer, Basic Carrier Insurance covers only the minimum of the value of your items, usually ranging between $0.30-$0.60 per pound. If you are moving fragile, valuable items it is recommended to look into insurance options with more coverage.

Declared Values Protection

Declared Values Protection is the middle level of coverage between Basic Carrier Insurance and Full Replacement Liability. As stated in its name, this level of insurance bases its amount of cost replacement on the declared value of the items you will be moving. A smart tip for value declaration is to create and add to this list throughout your packing process. Many customers prefer this method of protection, as it allows you to receive close to full reimbursement for broken or lost articles without having to spend as much.

Full Replacement Liability

Being the most expensive option, Full Replacement Liability is recommended to those with extremely valuable or expensive items, such as electronics, antiques, artifacts, and other valuable personal items. If anything is lost, broken, or damaged throughout the process of your move, you will be reimbursed for the full cash value. Many business owners prefer this option, as it gives them protection for their entire inventory if they are moving items from a warehouse or into a new store location.

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Moving into a new home or office is a thrilling experience that can be disappointing to begin with broken, lost, or damaged items. Purchasing moving insurance can give you peace of mind by offering reimbursement for basic, declared, or full cash value of your impacted goods. Especially with fragile items and electronics, moving insurance ensures that you and your items are protected in the case of any accidents during moving. If you have any questions about insurance, packing, or moving services in Boston, MA, contact RARE Moving & Storage at (617) 825-7273, or fill out our contact form.

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