Top 10 Tips for Packing Electronics

Moving into a new home is the marking of a new, exciting adventure. It can be extremely disappointing to begin this journey by unpacking your electronics only to find them broken. When planning a move, it is important to make sure all of your electronics, big and small, are packed properly to avoid any damage along the way. Although this may seem like an easy task of placing an item into a box, there are many other boxes that need to be checked.

1. Make a List

Before packing, it is important to create a list of all electronics you are planning to pack and take with you. This way, you can ensure that all items are accounted for throughout the moving process and unloading on the other end. It is also a good idea to take note of any marks, scuffs, or damages prior to moving.

2. Take Pictures Before Disassembling

Reassembly can be a long and tedious process. Taking detailed photos of each electronic before taking them apart can tremendously decrease the time it takes to put them back together. By using each photo as a guide, you can easily see where each piece, part, and plug is supposed to be.

3. Use the Original Boxes

When buying new electronics, it is a smart idea to keep the boxes for future moves. Although you can use our shop to purchase quality, new boxes for packing, items will always fit best in the ones they originally were packaged in.

4. Unplug 24 Hours Before Packing

All electronics must be unplugged at least 24 hours to allow for cooling before packing them into boxes. If the items are still hot from use, this can create a heightened risk of damage to the electronics and/or injury to the movers.

5. Check the Product Manual

Oftentimes, the user manual will provide instructions or warnings when it comes to packing the items for moving. Using this as a step-by-step guide, you can guarantee that everything is packed properly and will arrive safely to your new home.

6. Cushion & Wrap

To keep electronics safe in their boxes, it is important to also cushion and wrap them with a protective layer. Popular methods include: bubble wrap, blankets, towels, thick cardboard, and foam peanuts. When wrapping or adding extra padding, it is important to make sure there are no empty voids or spaces. By packing each box tightly and providing a protective layer, you can avoid any damage caused by rustling around inside, or outside, of the box.

7. Check the Temperature

It is important to check the weather and internal temperature of your storage or moving vehicle prior to your moving date. Extremely high or low temperatures can damage or alter your electronics. RARE Moving & Storage offers climate-controlled storage to avoid these risks for long distance and long-term moves. There are also insulated and cooled packing containers to keep your items temperature-regulated throughout the entire process.

8. Remove Batteries & Loose Features

To avoid any accidents or damage, it is important to remove all batteries and loose cables or features. During the moving process, loose items are prone to falling out of electronics and becoming a potential hazard. Removing these before packing takes the worry away of objects rolling around or getting lost.

9. Label All Chargers & Cords

It can be easy to get lost in the tangled web of loose power cords and chargers. Before packing these away, you can use colored tape, ribbon, or labels to tie around and mark each to where they belong. This eliminates the guesswork of finding the plugs to match, and gets your electronics up and running in no time.

10. Seal Boxes with Packing Tape

Dust and dirt can be harmful to your electronics, causing scratches, clogging plug-in ports, and decreasing their overall output quality. You can keep it all out by sealing your boxes tight with packing tape. It is important to make sure all openings are taped correctly, leaving no spaces or air bubbles on the seams.

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Electronics are expensive to purchase, and can be more expensive to repair or replace. By following these tips, you are strongly decreasing the risk for any potential accidents. For further information on packing your electronics, or for any other questions and inquiries for your moving and storing needs, call the experts RARE Moving & Storage at (617) 825-7273!

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