3 Ways to Make Your Commercial Move Successful

Moving is always stressful, but the stress that comes with a commercial move is truly unique. You have to complete the move while continuing to operate a successful commercial business – that’s a lot easier said than done! Instead of letting a commercial move overwhelm you, go into it with a strategic plan. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and successful move to your next commercial location! 


Moving just the items you need is hard enough, moving a bunch of junk you don’t need is just a waste of time. Begin prepping for the move by going through everything from old files to office supplies. Keep the items that are regularly used and a reasonable number of back-ups for office supplies. Files should be scanned into a digital form so the paper form can be shredded before the big move.

Organization is Key

The more you organize before the move, the easier it will be to get things back to normal in the new location. Pack items according to where they go. Take time to label the outside of boxes with a brief description of what’s inside and where the box should go. Keep the most frequently used items in boxes that will be easy to locate and unpack after the move. 

You can take your organization one step further by creating a comprehensive inventory list. This list should include everything that’s being moved. As you start to unpack, check items off the list. This lets you know what still needs to be unpacked and ensures nothing is lost in the shuffle of the move. 

Outsource the Move 

Let’s face it; organizing a commercial move while continuing to run a commercial business is too much for one person to take on. Take the stress off your shoulders by hiring a professional moving company! Professional movers are able to assist in the packing, moving, and unpacking process as needed. Professional movers also carry insurance that will protect your commercial assets in the event of damages during the move. 

You can be involved as little or as much as you’d like during the moving process too! That means you can still put organization systems in place and create an inventory sheet, but you won’t have to spend hours actually packing up the boxes. This gives you the time to focus on keeping your employees on task and motivated throughout the move. 

Contact Rare Moving & Storage today to learn more about planning a commercial move! Schedule a consultation with one of our moving specialists to learn more about professional moving services or to schedule your commercial move. 

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