Creative Packing & Moving Tips That Can Save You Time

Whether you’ve moved ten times or two times, there’s always more to learn about the process and ways to make your move more simple and more efficient. We’ve handled quite a few moves, and with that comes some valuable knowledge. We’ve put together a list of quirky moving tips you might not have heard before, so keep on reading and take your move to the next level.

Use Blankets & Clothing to Wrap Valuables

While you might have most of your clothing & fabric items in one area, it’s a great idea to take towels, older blankets or even some old sweatshirts to help pad your valuables, such as paintings, sculptures, or anything else that might be fragile. This will not only save space but it will also keep you from having to purchase additional packing materials.

Use Clear Bins Whenever Possible

We’re a big fan of clear bins for both moving and storage. While you should always label your boxes, clear bins help you assess what’s in each box at a glance and can sometimes be more informative than a label. Clear bins are great because they can protect your items from moisture unlike cardboard boxes. And unlike cardboard, these bins can be used again and again, for storage in your home, in an off site storage unit, or for future moves.

Use Clothing Hangers to Fill Out Your Boxes

You might think clothing hangers would be a nuisance during a move. They’re cheap, light, and only really good for hanging up clothes. But before you shove them all in the same box, you might want to learn about this neat trick. We’ve found that for weak cardboard boxes, putting a few clothing hangers vertically and horizontally can help stabilize the box and keep it from bottoming out or collapsing under pressure.

Check Your Insurance

In some cases, renters or homeowners insurance can cover the value of your belongings while you move them. While it completely depends on your policy and your provider, it’s definitely worth checking before you invest in moving insurance. If your homeowners or renters insurance doesn’t cover your move, we highly suggest investing in separate moving insurance to protect your belongings.

Use Professional Movers

While it’s not always as cost effective as trying to move on your own, using professional movers can save you so much time, and logistical headaches that come from renting transportation, packing, organizing and unpacking. Give us a call at (617) 825-7273 or contact us here for more information.

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