How to Get The Most Out of Your Storage Unit

Over time, we all come into possession of household items, family heirlooms or even personal items that we value… but not always enough to actually keep around the house. We try and pawn them off to friends and family, knowing that they shouldn’t be thrown away, but that’s not really the best solution either. Outside storage is the perfect middle ground when you want to hold onto something, but don’t need it in your day to day life. This is especially relevant for younger city-dwellers, who might not have the basement or attic space their parents once had out in the suburbs. Storage units have so many benefits because they are secure, climate controlled and easy to access. If you’re considering a storage unit, keep reading, we’ve put together a guide on how to get the most out of your storage unit by maximizing your space and efficiency.

Make a List 

Create an inventory of everything you want to keep in your storage unit. We bet you already have a few ideas, but the more space you can free up the better. You might realize there are more than a few things around the house you could probably go without. A list will help you organize and transport everything to the storage unit, as well as keep track of everything once it’s stored.

Get Organized

One of the best and easiest ways to be efficient and organized is to use clear bins for all your small to medium belongings. Not only do they protect your items, but they are stackable, allowing you to use more vertical space, and they are see-through allowing you to easily see what is stored where when you want to retrieve something from your unit. Although we highly suggest labeling each bin too, you can’t beat the transparent bins when searching for that one particular item.

Prioritize Larger Items & Furniture

When you’re choosing a storage locker size, you definitely want to take a good look at all the furniture you’ll be storing. Typically you want to load all your large items first; there will be plenty of nooks and crannies to place smaller items and boxes later, but this isn’t always the case for big stuff. If you’ve over packed, you can always haul back a few small boxes but you won’t want to haul back your mother’s couch.

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