Boston Summer Moving Tips

In New England, the summer tends to be a popular moving time for many. Because of the heavy weather and snow in many of the colder months, it’s quite common to sign a lease in the summer months, or even the early fall. However, while snow isn’t a concern, there are definitely other challenges that come into play with the heat. Keep reading for our best tips for moving during the summer, to make your move easier and more efficient.

Pack Extra Water

Hydration is important on any hot day, but when you’re moving, your body is put through even more hard work than usual. This is why replenishing your body with fresh water throughout the day is so important. It’s best not to keep your water in your car because it can overheat very easily. We recommend keeping your extra water in your garage or apartment lobby while you pack and unpack your belongings. 

Pack a Change of Clothes

While you’re hard at work packing, moving and unpacking, especially while you keep hydrated, your body is going to sweat. While this is obviously normal and not any big issue, you might want to pack a change of clothes in a backpack with all your necessities such as your phone, wallet, keys and whatever else you need on hand with you all day. 

Wear The Right Clothes & Shoes

In terms of clothes, check out the weather beforehand online so you know what to expect. For a typical summer in New England, you should be okay with a T-shirt and athletic shorts. When it comes to shoes, you might be tempted to wear something lighter and more breathable in the hot summer months, but make sure you choose something sturdy and comfortable for the whole day. Sneakers, or even boots are a good option, just make sure that you’ll be comfortable going up and down the stairs quite a few times.

Hire Boston Rare Movers

The best way to make your move simple and easy is to put the experts to work for you! We offer all types of moving and storage services in Boston, MA and the surrounding areas. For a free quote on your next move, give us a call at 617-825-7273, or contact us here for more information.

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