How to Downsize Before a Move

Any move can be difficult, but moves always increase in stress and effort with the more belongings there are to move. This is especially true for longer distance moves, where many and large items can really be one of the main pain points of the move. This usually leads us to the thought of downsizing. While downsizing sometimes refers to the lessening size of your home or apartment, in this context we are talking about letting go of certain items and lessening the amount of belongings you have.

Why Do People Downsize Before a Move?

People will downsize for all types of reasons, it could be that they have too much furniture and it simply won’t fit in their new space, it could be that they see moving as a good opportunity to replace old belongings that they’ve outgrown with new ones that they think will better fit in their new lives, or it could be that they simply do not want to move so many belongings! All are good reasons, and downsizing is never really a bad idea, so long as you follow these main tips on how to do it.

Focus on What’s Important

This is a great tip for those long distance moves where you have to be pretty selective about what you bring and what you toss. Rather than think about what you want to throw away, focus on what you can’t live without. This will help you see what of your belongings is actually important and what is realistically quite replaceable. Especially keep in mind certain sentimental things that simply cannot be replaced, most of which probably won’t even take up much space when packed properly.

Donate to a Good Cause

Chances are there are plenty of things you don’t want to let go of, but you know you have to. Some of which you’ve been living with for the last few months and are probably quite nice. One option is to sell them and put that money towards the replacement when you’re all settled in, but another option is to donate it to a cause in need if you can afford to. In this case you know that whoever receives it will really appreciate it and care for it as much as you did, if not more.

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