How to Make Your Summer Move Go Smoothly

Moving in the summer is a common thing to do. With the nice weather and no chance of snow getting in the way of getting from point A to point B, this is the prime moving season. If this is your first summer move, here are some tips to make it go a bit easier for you:

Have Your Movers Booked in Advance

The best moving companies in your area are likley to be booked early due to this being one of the peak moving seasons.. Decide which moving company will fulfill your needs and contact them to get on their schedule well in advance.

Plan a Yard Sale

Plan for a nice weekend to get rid of all of your extra belongings in a yard sale. Try to have the yard sale a good amount of before you have to pack up the moving truck since you might end up with some things that you might not want. If you still have items you want to get rid of, consider donating them.

Efficiently Pack Your Belongings

Make sure that all of your belongings are ready to be moved on the actual set moving day. Be sure that furniture is emptied out and packed up except your essentials so the movers can do their job without having to wait while you rush around. Spreading out your packing over a week or more will help you avoid rushing the night before.

Double Check Before You Pack Up the Moving Truck

Since it’s the summer, you may be packing up some belongings that could be damaged in the heat. If you have any items like these, save them until the end to place in the moving truck, or even opt to keep them in your car. Label these items so there isn’t any confusion while bringing boxes out to the moving vehicles..

Stay Hydrated During The Move

Staying hydrated while moving is important. It’s a busy day, so it’s easy to forget to relax for a second an drink some water. Be sure to offer your movers some water, too. If you have air conditioning, try to leave it on while people are still in the house. Don’t let the heat ruin your day!

Plan Around Traffic

The winter calls for weather delays, and in the summer, people are traveling around for weekend getaways. If you want to make your life easier, try to bypass any popular vacation weeks. The end of August is a big vacation time and you want to avoid getting stuck in vacation traffic. If you have to move during a weekend and live in a busy tourist/vacation area, plan to avoid peak traffic times.

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