Things your Professional Mover Won’t Move

magnifying glass on boxes

Everybody dreads the process of moving and packing, which is why most of us hire professionals to help us. But while you are in the process of packing up all your personal possessions, it is essential to not forget that some items cannot be included in the move. Most moving companies would not transport a number of different items mainly to protect themselves and/or your other possessions. So, before the moving day, be certain that you didn’t include any prohibited items so as not to delay your move. Here are a couple of things most moving companies won’t move:

Perishable Items

Especially when it’s a long-distance move, food items will not be allowed by movers. The main reason is that food will spoil and could attract pests, such as rats, and may damage your property. Although, if a move will be done within 24 hours, perishables MAY be allowed as long as they are properly packed.

Hazardous Chemicals or Materials

Quick rule of thumb: if it looks or smells dangerous, most moving companies will not allow it inside their trucks. Hazardous items are generally considered, explosive, flammable, or corrosive. But don’t worry, so as not too waste these items, you can always contact your city if there is a place you can donate them or dispose of them.

Personal or Sentimental Items

Most moving companies want to limit their liability in case your personal items get lost or damaged, which is why most of them don’t like to transport these items. When it comes to these items, we highly suggest that you have them under your control. Moving can be overwhelming, especially when it involves hundreds of items. Because of this, the risk of losing something is pretty high. Important documents, such as financial records or medical documents, could be difficult to replace.

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