Moving With Your Car

Moving with your car can be difficult, especially if you’re moving to another state. If you’re moving multiple cars, the difficulty level doubles!

Our first advice is to see if you can lighten the load; ask yourself if you really need two cars, or if you really need to move your current car to your new location.

If you’re on the fence, here are some things you can do to help you make your decision:

  • Does your current car fit the climate and driving conditions of your new address? If you’re from Boston and you’re moving down south, to let’s say Florida, do you really need that big SUV? Probably not, maybe you can sell it and buy a more suitable car once you’re down there.
  • Check the emission and safety standards of the new state you will be living in; if your car doesn’t meet their standards, it won’t be worth moving with it. The best decision in the particular case would be to sell or donate your car, since it’s condition isn’t up to standard.
  • Be sure to check the insurance policies for the new state/region you’re moving to; insurance policies vary from state to state and from region to region, you could be paying double in your new location for your current vehicle. Before committing to bring your car, check the insurance policy for your vehicle, and if the premium is too high, it might be beneficial to sell or donate your car.

If you follow these steps, and you decide to move with your car, you have a couple of options available to help get your car to your new location:

The first being drive it yourself; if you decide that you want your car, and you don’t mind making the trip, you can drive to your new location. This option is perfect for people who are not traveling too far.

The next option is singing up for our car moving services; this will be a little more pricey because (like all moving companies) we charge by the weight, and as you know a car weighs a ton!

For more information about car moving services, or our long distance moving services, please give Boston Rare Movers a call at 781-817-6066.


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