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Moving to or from Boston? Boston Rare Movers is the moving company for you! Over the past month alone, we have been in and out of Boston, moving people into and out of homes and offices.

Just last week, we moved a family from Boston’s Back Bay, to a quiet neighborhood in Weston MA. This family had two children, and were planning on having more; they told us they needed a bigger house to accommodate their growing

They decided on moving into a fairly new built house in a quiet Boston Suburb. They actually had a lot of belongings they were bringing to their new location; we’re talking everything from a fridge, to big screen televisions, couches, beds, and even a crib! But despite all of the heavy lifting, we were able to successfully move everything into their new home.

The family was so busy with preparing the new house, that they needed our packing services. We brought our boxes, packing tape and markers, and began packing up their belongings. We were sure to label each box, to make the unpacking portion of the move easy and stress-free for the family.

We were able to move everything on time and within budget! Before the family new it, they were all settled into their new home!

For a free estimate on our moving services, please feel free to give Boston Rare Movers a call at 617-825-7273. We are looking forward to helping you with your next moving needs!

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